Father and ChildrenChildrens' Religious Education (RE)

Our fellowship fully supports the spiritual, intellectual, and social needs of our children. We encourage the free exploration of inspirational experiences, diverse beliefs, and a variety of religious traditions. We impose no creed; rather, we encourage each child to develop her or his own beliefs and spirituality amid the support of a caring community.

The children pre-school age and above are with the adults for the first 20 minutes of the service, thus participating in some of the music, readings and rituals of a religious gathering. They then all are called up for Children in RE classthe “Story for All Ages,” usually incorporating a message or moral. Children are then sung from the room, accompanied by the childcare provider, so they can begin their own activities for about a half hour, so the parents can more fully appreciate the service. The children are then reunited with their parents after the service for coffee/juice and treats.

Infants and toddlers are welcome to stay in the sanctuary with their parents. There is a rocking chair, blankets and soft toys at the back of the room for their use. If parents prefer, infant care is also provided on an as needed basis.